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You wrote "the most widely support transport on IPFS is QUIC which is over UDP." Did you mean "... the most widely-supported transport ..." ?

Fixed! Thanks

1 month ago

How are you doing?

Pretty well 馃槢

2 months ago

What would be your favorite video game of all time?

Prince of Persia!

1 year ago

Nice presentation @NextConf. What tools did you use for your presentation?

Mostly screenflow for screen and camera recording. Some assets were exported from Figma and Google Slides.

For recording video I used a Canon RP with a capture card for easy recording of both screen and video with Screenflow

2 years ago

I want to learn all of this, how I can do it?

2 years ago

Can you share the code for this AMA page?

2 years ago

What talk from NextJS Conf did you like most so far?

2 years ago

How did you build this AMA page?

This AMA page was built with Next.js, React Query, Prisma with The Prisma Data Proxy, MySQL, and Cloudinary for uploading and serving the audio.

2 years ago

What is zero-cost type safety?

Type safety with databases is a way to ensure that application code interacting with the database can only do so safely. Moreover, the return type for the query is always inferred for you, even when fetching relations.

For example, attempting to query a non-existent column will immediately raise a type error:


Prisma gives you type safety at zero cost by generating TypeScript types for you. That way, you don't have burden of manually defining types based on your database schema.

2 years ago

What developer tools do you like?

2 years ago